Jeanine Michna-Bales

Michna-Bales' work explores the relationships between what has occurred, or is occurring, in a society and how people react to those events. She meticulously researches each topic – considering different viewpoints, causes and effects and political climates – and often incorporates found or archival text and audio into her projects.

Whether exploring the darkened stations along the Underground Railroad, long-forgotten nuclear fallout shelters, or the invisible epicenters of environmental turmoil, her work seeks out places that are hidden all around us in plain sight, each with its own story begging to be told and lessons waiting to be shared.

Images from her Underground Railroad series have appeared in group shows around the United States, including Moving Walls 23: Journeys at Open Society Foundations in New York City (up through September 9, 2016) and Southern Exposure: Portraits of a Changing Landscape at the MOCA | Jacksonville. They have also been featured in numerous online blogs and publications, including In Sight by The Washington Post, Transition from Harvard University, Geo Histoire, Lenscratch, and Wired Raw File. Most recently, she was awarded the 2016 Archive of Documentary Arts Collection Award: Documentarians of The American South from Duke University. In 2014, she was named to the Photolucida Crititcal Mass Top 50.

A publication of her Underground Railroad series will be released in March 2017 by Princeton Architectural Press.

Michna-Bales is currently based in Dallas, Texas.

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